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    So this just happened and I swear this is just plain bullshit. THIS ARTICLE states that anyone who is LGBT or non christians can be bullied and the state is just cool with that because of “religious beliefs”


    Even if you don’t live here please help make it a better place


    We need 100,000 signatures by April 26, 2014 to stop this bullshit. Please spread this like wildfire because bullying is a MAJOR problem here and this is just encouraging it. What happened to FREEDOM of religion America?

    SIGN THE FUCK OUT OF THIS. Seriously! There’s over a thousand notes and less signatures! I /live/ in TN and this is so not fucking good.

    Signal boost the fuck out of it.

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    My life in a nutshell has been a rollercoaster in the most unorthodox way. But i have the best friends and family support to get me through it. Though my life isn’t anything over the top muy interesante it wouldn’t be worth it without everything I’ve learned from it so far.

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